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Continuous advancement is our eternal principle of our company. We never stop researching and developing since the establishment of our company. All the staffs work hard only to make the enterprise more prosperous, to make the comprehensive force of the company stronger, to make our client feel more satisfactory. We attach important to inspire the creativity of our staffs, widely take up and consider the ideas and the suggestions of the staffs, take hold of every opportunity to let the company develop at the level extent and perpendicularity extent.
Now, our continuous research and development have obtained many remarkable successes.


Quality principle is a principle valid everywhere. High quality is our unremitting persue. The raise of the quality is never limited. Our engineers and the technicians take initiative to seek every opportunity to improve the products in design, manufacture and use. With the help of our faithful providers, the Shanghai Bearing Research Institute, and the Hangzhou Inspection Center, we discover and overcome many problems of the products. Through research, analysis, and continuous improvement, the quality of our products increased in a stable and continuous step.


In order to meet the need of special function products from the clients, we can make the R&D work special for the clients. We will design, experiment, manufacture, test absolutely according to the meaning of the client, research and develop the most satisfactory products for the clients. Take an example, we have a teem of engineers especially take charge of the non-standard bearing, which have bring service to many client sucessfully.
If you need the special service, please contact us, the simple procedure is shown as figure1.


To meet the need of the client, to be more competitive in the international market, the spec of the products are also a most important object of the research and development. Through continuously improving the technology, appending the machining equipments and actively discovering other excellent providers, our produce ability is raised obviously, and the spec of our products also become more integrated, especially the bearing products, our providers network is also more huge than before.


With the mature of the condition and the strengthening of the comprehensive force, though the continuous R&D, we exploit the other mechanical parts business successfully. Now besides our main business of general rolling bearing primary, our business scope is widen into special type bearing, transmission parts, automobile parts, hard ware mechanical products, and even the light industry products such as the straw weave products, the wood products, the bamboo and willow products, and the fitness equipment.


Our main business service focuses on manufacture, quality inspection, and foreign trade. Because we have established an integrated and regular foreign trade operation mechanism, and have accumulated fruitful practical experience. After the R&D, we now develop the I&E agency service, consulting service, store and transport service. All the above, only to make our service more perfect, to decrease the cost in every tache for the client, and to satisfy our client in the end.

figure 1:
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