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Tenet of Weiya service:

The needs of the clients are the direction of our effort; satisfaction of the clients is our final object.

The spirit of Weiya’s service:

To establish the credit standing in every client’s heart, be always grateful to every client who give us opportunities, never give up our effort and responsibility until client say good in the heart.

The service content:
1 )

Satisfaction of the clients is one of our main principles. When we get the order, we will improve our design of products continuously according to the demand of clients, which will never cease before getting the recognizance from the clients. After get the conformation of the clients, we will provide the samples, if troubles still exist, we will find out the causes, and get rid of the troubles. We will never give up our efforts until we get the clients’satisfaction.

2 )

According to the contracts, if the products we have provided don’t meet the demands, and the clients aren’t satisfied with the quality of the products, we can change our products, taking all the expenses resulting from this. We take 100% responsibility of all our sale achievements.. We repay our clients with reliable quality and high-quality service.

3 )

According to the criterion of ISO9001, now we have rigorous control of the many aspects such as: the disposal of the product’s check and accept, the product malfunction, the feedback of the information. All to ensure the products will be in good use in the using spot. And to minimize the troubles for the clients after they accept our goods. As to the detailed, you can refer to the Q/C service.

4 )

We have trained a teem of technicians leaded by several engineers, and set up an independent department, special for dealing with the technique problems of the after market service. The engineers and technicians are all with fruitful experience and knowledge of mechanical parts such as bearings, transmission parts, automobile parts, and so on. They can provide the technology consulting and instruction: when the clients encounter problems or doubts in every taches, such as package, transport, installment, use, maintain, just contact them, they will at your service around 24 clocks. If it is necessary, they will be sent to the client to solve the problems on the spots. Through the service, they collect the information of the products widely, improve the structure of the products and raise the quality continuously, exploit the market deeply. All these only to ensure our good service, clients’ satisfaction, and our international credit.

5 )

As an important portion of the after market service. We will establish good intercourse relation with the clients. We will send our business operator to the client periodically to get the product feedback, to inquire the extent of satisfaction, and to bring our best regards or presents to our respectful clients. The business operator also will take the latest information of our new products to our clients. We will take initiative to promote the communication with out clients, to promote the reciprocal development between double parts.

We are not responsible to the follows facts:

1 ) malfunctions result from wrongly use, adjusting, maintaining, inspection, reinforcing;
2 ) damage result from carelessly transport, load and unload;
3 ) use the product out of the rated scope, speed, load;
4 ) malfunction and damage due to private alteration, adjust, disassemble,
5 )

without the documents to prove the goods are from us;

6 ) reasonable wear damage
7 ) damage from the force majaure;
we charge for the service that is out of our responsibility.
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