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Product Introduction: Quality Inspection Service

 - Let the customers aboard purchase securely in China.
 - We offer you "quality inspection service" and help you to select the qualified supplier.
 - We offer you all kinds of services according to ISO 9000 and QS 9000

Service Items
Supply the assessment report of quality assurance capacity of the supplier
Supply the assessment report of manufacture process inspection capacity of the supplier
Supply the assessment report of product’s inspection capacity of the supplier
Supply the sample inspection report before delivery
Supply 100 percent of the inspection filtration before delivery
Procedure of the "quality control inspection service"
(according to the sequence of the letter)

Clients make the detailed demands, and inform us with the items need to be inspected


when goods are transported to the warehouse, we open some boxes, and take several samples out according to a indicated proportion


The samples are sent to the quality inspection center promptly to test.


Fill the outputs of the inspection into the quality inspection report.


Return the report to clients as a feedback.

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