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Because our company is a multi-function group entity involving manufacture, quality-inspection, and foreign trade, our staffs are all professional and veteran, we can provide the following consultancy service. All of what just charge at a reasonable price.


1 )

Technology consultancy of products:
We have a teem of high-level engineers and many outstanding technicians. Our technology consultancy focuses on mechanical parts, such as the transmission parts, the automobile parts, the hardware mechanical products, especially the bearing which is our advantage. If you encounter problems in any teche(design, amelioration, develop, package, transport, inspection, disassemble, assemble, use, maintain, repair, )of the business of the above products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can provide you the consultancy or instruction in time, and we are certainly responsible for the accuracy of the consultancy.

2 )

Commercial information consultancy service:
We have established a huge provide network of the Chinese mechanical parts manufactures. Through many years cooperation, we not only set up the firm business partner relation, but also deep friendship, and mutual trust. To acquaint oneself with the Chinese mechanical market deeply and widely, we send special staffs to the manufacturers to make investigations periodically, Continuously communication and information feedback never cease between us and the providers.
Through all the effort above, we master the newest, abundant, reliable information of Chinese mechanical parts market. So if you want to get the information about this, such as the price, market, providers etc. We can provide you the first-hand data.

3 )

Foreign trade consultancy service:
Foreign trade is one of our main businesses. We operate our business in a set of regular foreign trade business procedure. Our business operators are also professional and intelligent, they all graduated from the famous universities in China, and took the systematical and regular education of international trade. Most of them have experience of many years, and are familiar with the trade business as well as the relative knowledge. We also have many high-grade managers who are familiar with the international laws, the usual practice, and the routines in trade. With abundant experience, we can give you much valuable information. So if you have puzzles on the aspect of foreign trade, please contact us, we are honored to give our consultancy service.

4 )

Policy, law consultancy service:
Our company is located in Pudong Area, China, which is the windows of Chinese revolution & opening out. In the special area, many world-known enterprises gather here, and enjoy the special favorable policies of the China government. As a comprehensive group entity with many years experience, we contact with nearly all kinds of government organizations, and make good acquainted with the policies. We also employed several professional lawyers and consultants to deal with the more troublesome and complicated cases, to provide the most professional consultancy service especially on the aspect of law. So if you want get the instructions of policy and law on investment, purchase, sales, etc, contact us without hesitation.

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