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We have two modern warehouses of our own, one in Shanghai,(China), the other is in USA, which are characterized by follows:



Big capacity(the Chinese one has a area of 1000m2, the other in USA has a area of 2000m2)


Advanced transport and store equipment: we have a complete set of storage logistics’ equipments. Some of them are imported from abroad in high value, and are operated skillfully by the operator.


Scientific, efficient, and strict management: an advanced and complex computer management system with the relative manager to ensure that all the detailed information of the goods can be consulted at any time.


High-quality staffs: all the staffs have been chosen carefully, and taken the professional training. Most of them have experience of many years, and are skillful, careful, and responsible.
We also have a perfect system of distribution. After many years’ practice, the system is improved to be scientific, efficient, and reliable. From the delivery of the provider, turning the goods to the forwarder consigned, transport by the international transporters, and goods’ reach the clients at end, all of which can be arranged and accomplished by our system distribution. All kinds of transport equipments are put into use: trucks, trains, high seas ship, even the aeropalnes, only to ensure that goods can reach the clients safely and in time .

Because we have experience to deal with every taches of the logistics, and we have a modern warehouse, we can provide the complete set or just a portion of logistics service. If you have goods need to be stored and managed temporarily, we can lease out our warehouse, and take the responsibility of loading, unloading, management, safekeeping. We also can provide the complete service including the agent of transport. All are just at your demand, we charge at a reasonable service price.

High Sea Shipment
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